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Facing foreclosure? You may still have options

There are many reasons why a homeowner in Long Island could be facing foreclosure, and many of these reasons are beyond the homeowner's control. For example, predatory lending played a major role in the foreclosure crisis, and many people could not anticipate that the value of their home could drop so significantly that the amount they owed on their property far exceeded the property's worth.

New York expands program aimed at avoiding foreclosures

Owning your own home is certainly the American dream, but some individuals in New York they may have found that factors outside their control have affected their finances, making it difficult for them to pay their mortgages. However, the state recognizes this problem and has taken action to help residents seeking mortgage modifications.

Foreclosure activity going down in the U.S., report claims

The Great Recession took its toll on individuals in New York and across the country. The housing industry was especially hit hard, with individuals finding that their property had significantly reduced in value, in some cases falling below what it was originally purchased for. In addition, many homeowners could no longer keep up with their mortgage payments, leading to foreclosures.

Protecting your home from foreclosure

Each person's home is extremely important to them. Not only does a home provide shelter, but often has high emotional value and contains many memories. Therefore, it can be difficult when people are facing the loss of their home via foreclosure. Foreclosure can be an emotionally and physically taxing process for individuals in New York.

The Home Equity Theft Prevention Act and New York foreclosures

Individuals in New York often face of variety of hard financial decisions throughout their lifetime. Many residents can face difficult financial times that necessitate extreme actions. For example, many individuals may be searching for debt relief options that would help them avoid foreclosure.

How quickly can a foreclosure occur in New York?

For New Yorkers, their home can be a safe haven. Not only does provide shelter, but it is the source of many positive memories for most people. When financial problems threaten a person's home, that person can have a lot of different emotions. It is important for individuals who are facing financial issues to understand how these issues can affect their home ownership.

Legal options when facing foreclosure

Families in danger of losing their home, especially during the holidays and into the New Year, may be going through significant stress and strain. A number of home owners may not have expected home values to decline so rapidly leaving them unable to meet their mortgage debts and facing foreclosure.

How can foreclosure fraud be prevented by homeowners?

Encountering difficulty in making scheduled payments on a debt can be a stressful experience for New York homeowners. This is especially true for mortgages, as the inability to make agreed-to payments can cost a borrower their home. The process of a lender taking back and potentially selling a home due to a borrower's failure to make scheduled payments is known as foreclosure.

How can bankruptcy help someone who is facing foreclosure?

There are some Long Island homeowners who face significant financial challenges, above and beyond their problems making the monthly mortgage payment. The unexpected loss of a job or the sudden onset of a medical condition can leave many people relying on credit cards to make ends meet, and eventually the situation goes from mounting credit card debt to failed mortgage payments. Unlike credit card statements, there is no minimum payment for a mortgage -- the monthly payment is typically a set amount.

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