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Experience in negotiating helps us provide debt relief

Even though many people would prefer to have little debt, the reality is that there are many ways that debt can quickly pile up and begin to cause you considerable stress and hardship. Medical debt is one of the common culprits of financial challenges because medical bills can be exorbitant and many people find themselves unable to work for a significant period of time after a medical emergency. While it is easy to feel overwhelmed and think that there is no solution, this is not true. In fact, in the majority of cases, there is not only at least one solution but a range of non-bankruptcy remedies that have the potential to provide valuable debt relief.

New credit score calculation may benefit those in debt

Financial considerations are often foremost in the minds of New York residents who seek to keep moving ahead economically and enjoy a stable lifestyle. When unexpected circumstances occur and debt levels rise, many people feel the pressures in the form of financial stress, harassment from debt collectors, falling credit scores, and worries about bankruptcy. Because credit has become more and more important in American society and can affect everything from getting a cell phone or electricity to securing a mortgage, many people may look to a debt workout or settlements in an effort to prevent further damage to a credit score. Fortunately, changes to the credit score calculation formula are likely to benefit a number of people throughout the country.

On medical debt, and how it can hurt you financially

There are plenty of New York residents out there who have dealt with immense medical bills that have changed their lives almost as much as the medical condition that afflicted them -- and caused them the bills in the first place. Medical procedures and surgeries are very expensive, even if you are insured. This debt can absolutely cripple an individual or a family, leaving them in a difficult position with their finances.

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