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January 2017 Archives

Can student loan debts be discharged through bankruptcy?

Many people in Long Island who wanted to go to college, but were unable to afford to do so, took out student loans to finance their education. These loans have made the dream of a college degree a reality for many students. Unfortunately, upon graduation, they also leave people deeply in debt. According to one source, on average, a person who took out student loans to finance college now owes $31,000.

Is crowdfunding a good way to deal with medical debt?

Crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money these days as it allows people in Long Island and nationwide to reach out to family, friends or strangers with the help of social networks and the Internet. For example, those who are facing steep medical bills, due to a serious illness or injury, often reach out to others via crowdfunding to raise the money needed to afford their care. However, is crowdfunding the best way to deal with medical debt ?

New York program helps victims of foreclosure scams

Unfortunately, many people caught up in the 2008 financial crisis lost their homes to foreclosure. In fact, some homeowners in Long Island are still reeling from the crisis, or have their own personal financial crises that have made it difficult, if not impossible, to repay their mortgages. However, mortgage scams abound, preying on desperate homeowners.

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