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December 2016 Archives

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can bring financial relief

There are times when even the most responsible, hard-working individuals in Long Island find themselves in a financial bind. It only takes one large, unanticipated expense that can lead to financial chaos. Those who find themselves in such situations may want to consider filing for bankruptcy.

Credit card debt and living expenses in America increasing

Sometimes, a person in Long Island has no choice but to put a purchase on a credit card. For some, it may be an unexpected job loss or illness that leads them to use a credit card to pay for food and clothing. Other times, it could be an expensive car repair or home repair that they simply cannot afford. No matter what the reason, according to one source, people across the United States are incurring increasing amounts of credit card debt.

Do not let the threat of foreclosure ruin the holiday season

Home is where the heart is, particularly during the holidays when families gather in celebration of the season. But, for those in Long Island who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, the threat of foreclosure is a very real worry on their mind. They may wonder if there is anything they can do to save their home from foreclosure. One option that some may have is filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

October sees significant uptick in foreclosures in New York City

Looking back at the nation's "Great Recession," some may remember that a significant number of individuals saw their homes enter the foreclosure process. These days, however, it seems as if the economy has rebounded and some may think the nation's foreclosure crisis is at an end. However, that may not be the case for some homeowners in New York.

Debt relief: choosing between a "snowball" and an "avalanche"

Winter weather is right around the corner, and many in Long Island may be looking forward to the silence and stillness that a peaceful, new snowfall brings. But, for some individuals in Long Island struggling with debt, it may feel like they are caught in a financial blizzard that they cannot see their way out. Fortunately, there are two nods to the season that could help debtors wrest control of their finances: a "debt snowball" and "debt avalanche."

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