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Credit card debt settlement scams

It can be easy for New Yorkers to face a financial crisis. For many people, a simple setback can result in very serious financial consequences. Many of the setbacks occur randomly and without warning. For example, a job loss or medical crisis can result in a cash crunch. In these cases, individuals may rely on credit cards to meet their monthly obligations. As people are unable to pay back the credit cards, interest will compile and the debt will snowball. When people have entered this cycle of debt, it can be very difficult to stop it.

What behaviors are prohibited by the FDCPA?

When people fall behind on credit card debt, credit card companies can be quite aggressive in trying to collect that money. In some cases, they may turn the collection over to a collection agency. Collection agencies have a reputation for being aggressive in trying to collect past due credit card debt. Often, they can use harassing and intimidating tactics in order to try and get residents in New York to cooperate and pay money.

Protecting your home from foreclosure

Each person's home is extremely important to them. Not only does a home provide shelter, but often has high emotional value and contains many memories. Therefore, it can be difficult when people are facing the loss of their home via foreclosure. Foreclosure can be an emotionally and physically taxing process for individuals in New York.

Credit education is required before and after bankruptcy process

Many people come to the important decision to file for personal bankruptcy after struggling with their finances. A bankruptcy can be one way to achieve a much needed financial fresh start for individuals who have had trouble. While a bankruptcy may seem like an easy way to end financial struggles, people should know that there are many requirements that must be fulfilled in order for a discharge of debts to be granted. Without the discharge, people won't get the debt relief they seek.

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