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February 2016 Archives

Bankruptcy judge calls rapper back to court

When individuals in New York face financial trouble, they can turn to the bankruptcy court in order to relieve some of their financial stress. By filing for personal bankruptcy, individuals can see their debt erased, in many situations. A personal bankruptcy can help eliminate credit card debt, medical debt, personal loans and other consumer debt. This could be important for individuals struggling to make ends meet.

What is a bankruptcy discharge?

Residents throughout New York may be struggling with a variety of financial challenges. These challenges can lead individuals to the bankruptcy court. A bankruptcy can provide individuals with much-needed debt relief. Specifically, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can allow individuals to get the fresh financial start they need when dealing with overwhelming debt.

The Home Equity Theft Prevention Act and New York foreclosures

Individuals in New York often face of variety of hard financial decisions throughout their lifetime. Many residents can face difficult financial times that necessitate extreme actions. For example, many individuals may be searching for debt relief options that would help them avoid foreclosure.

How quickly can a foreclosure occur in New York?

For New Yorkers, their home can be a safe haven. Not only does provide shelter, but it is the source of many positive memories for most people. When financial problems threaten a person's home, that person can have a lot of different emotions. It is important for individuals who are facing financial issues to understand how these issues can affect their home ownership.

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