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January 2016 Archives

Personal bankruptcy provides a fresh start

Many people have faced difficult economic times in the past decade. Since the Great Recession, many individuals in New York have found it hard to get back to the economic success they had in the early 2000s. For many individuals this is not been possible. People are struggling with a variety of new challenges. Healthcare costs have risen, gas prices have fluctuated, housing is more expensive, people are earning lower wages and jobs are hard to come by. These factors combined make the economic picture difficult for many New Yorkers.

Credit card debt piling up for many in early 2016

By this time, many Long Island residents will be receiving their credit card statements reflecting their spending over the holidays. Unfortunately, some will find that their spending on gifts, travel, food and other holiday expenses went beyond what they thought they were spending.

Bankruptcies down but continue to provide options

The latest statistics from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court show that the number of bankruptcy filings in New York has continued to fall. In western New York's Buffalo/Rochester region, the number fell 8.7 percent last year, to 4,423. As of this writing, final figures for the Long Island area had not yet been tallied.

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