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December 2015 Archives

Legal options when facing foreclosure

Families in danger of losing their home, especially during the holidays and into the New Year, may be going through significant stress and strain. A number of home owners may not have expected home values to decline so rapidly leaving them unable to meet their mortgage debts and facing foreclosure.

The CARD Act: by the numbers

The CARD Act, as we discussed last week here on our Long Island bankruptcy law blog, made a number of changes intended to protect consumers. It significantly restricted the tactics that companies can use against borrowers with credit card debt. Some practices are no longer permitted at all.

The need for debt relief remains as bankruptcy filings are down

There are a number of options, including bankruptcy options, available for individuals struggling with debt to be aware of. Though bankruptcy filings in the western part of New York in particular have seen a decline, individuals seeking debt relief and considering filing for bankruptcy are not alone. The total bankruptcy filings for the western district of New York so far this year has been 4,155 filings.

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