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November 2015 Archives

What are the personal bankruptcy options?

Overwhelming debt can be a significant and stressful struggle for individuals facing it. Fortunately, the legal process provides different options and remedies for those struggling with debt and seeking debt relief. In addition, there are bankruptcy options available for individuals in different circumstances. Individuals seeking debt relief may wonder what those options are and how they can help.

Rights and debt relief options for medical debt

Overwhelming debt can happen to New York residents for a number of reasons. Overuse of credit cards, loss of employment, automotive or home repairs or unexpected medical bills can all cause consumers to either overextend their finances or fall behind on their current debt obligations.

How can foreclosure fraud be prevented by homeowners?

Encountering difficulty in making scheduled payments on a debt can be a stressful experience for New York homeowners. This is especially true for mortgages, as the inability to make agreed-to payments can cost a borrower their home. The process of a lender taking back and potentially selling a home due to a borrower's failure to make scheduled payments is known as foreclosure.

Macco & Stern attorneys can guide clients through bankruptcy

Significant debt can consume anyone, even those with historically solid financial footing. All it takes is one unexpected event - such as a lengthy medical stay, termination from employment or a substantial home or automobile repair - to put an individual in Long Island in a negative financial situation. This issue may then be compounded as the consumer tries to use various methods - such as withdrawing from retirement accounts or utilizing high interest credit cards - to make the required payments and get them out of debt.

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