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September 2015 Archives

What is the means test for qualifying for Chapter 7?

Long Island residents who are facing significant financial hardships have many options available to obtain debt relief. Among these alternatives is filing for bankruptcy. One of the most common forms of bankruptcy chosen by debtors is Chapter 7. Many debtors may assume that they can file for whatever form of bankruptcy works best for them, however, there are certain qualification that must be met before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Government programs available to avoid foreclosure

Long Island residents can face financial difficulties from time to time, including issues with making their mortgage payments. While it is essential for homeowners to keep their lender apprised of their situation to work out any possible arrangements, they may face foreclosure if their difficulties continue.

Is there a downside to filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

The end product to filing for bankruptcy is often financial freedom. Many Long Islanders use bankruptcy as a way to overcome their burdensome medical, credit card, and other debts. In its various forms, bankruptcy offers individuals and businesses different ways to pull themselves out of stresses that come with unpayable economic liabilities.

New Yorkers facing foreclosure denied modification opportunities

An unfortunate number of homes in New York are currently facing foreclosure. Foreclosures displace families and subject them to financial challenges as they are forced to leave their homes. The process of foreclosure begins when a mortgage falls into default and the mortgage lender initiates actions against the mortgage holder to take possession of the home.

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