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July 2015 Archives

Former NBA star working to help athletes prevent bankruptcy

Nearly all of us face financial struggles at one time or another. Though sometimes it is based on excessive spending, other times it is caused by unexpected medical expenses or a lost job. Either way, overwhelming debt can leave an individual fearful for his or her future. Though many struggle for years to try to get caught up on their debt for fear of filing bankruptcy, others take the steps necessary to eliminate their personal debt and obtain the fresh financial start they need.

What you charge can affect your credit card debt

A credit card is more than a little lump of plastic in a Long Island resident's wallet. It is a tool that allows the holder to access spending power that the person might not be able to attain with his own monetary resources. Although a credit card can give a person an economic boost over the short-term, anything that the spender chooses to charge to his card will eventually have to be paid off.

What options are available to prevent foreclosure?

Long Island residents can fall behind on their various financial obligations from time to time. These obligations often include mortgage payments, which can result in foreclosure proceedings. The reasons for missing mortgage payments may include an illness, a lost job or increased expenses. When a homeowner fails to make two or three mortgage payments in a row, the financial lender may institute a foreclosure on their home. What exactly is foreclosure and what options do homeowners have in these situations?

Macco & Stern assists clients with various debt relief solutions

For New York residents facing overwhelming debt, regardless of the source, it can at times feel like there is no viable solution to regain stable financial footing. It can be difficult to determine how they will ever pay off all of their outstanding obligations, so many turn to solutions that seek to remove some or all of their current debts.

Credit card debt settlement and discharge solutions

Consumers who have racked up an overwhelming amount of credit card debt, regardless of the reason, may feel that they have minimal options for their situation. However, there are various debt solutions to assist people in such a situation, but it is important to keep in mind that not every option will serve the consumer's best interests.

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