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January 2015 Archives

What are disclosure requirements for credit card debt settlement?

When people find themselves burdened with and struggling under large amounts of credit card debt, they begin searching for debt solutions that can protect their interests and provide some relief from the harassment of creditors. Many people look into the possibility of a debt settlement program, which is a debt relief option generally provided by for-profit companies that involves negotiating a resolution to the debt with the creditors. By "resolving" their debt, debtors will generally make a lump sum payment that will satisfy the creditor but that is ultimately less than the amount originally owed.

Homeowners rally for foreclosure assistance

Becoming a homeowner remains a key aspect of the American dream for many people. And once that dream is attained, people will often go to great lengths to ensure that it does not slip out of their hands. That is one of the reasons that foreclosure, or the risk of foreclosure, is so stressful for many homeowners: they have worked hard to purchase a valuable investment and do not want to lose it because of unfortunate or unexpected circumstances. Fortunately, there are often more legal solutions for people facing foreclosure than many homeowners think.

The paperwork required to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is not procedurally easy. There are specific guidelines that must be followed and detailed paperwork that must be filed. Many people struggling with debt already feel overwhelmed by their financial situation so the idea of filing for bankruptcy and complying with all the rules and procedures can feel quite daunting. Understanding what is required beforehand, however, simplifies the process and eases worries.

Navigating the challenges of personal bankruptcy

Severe financial challenges can easily send the most thoughtful and intelligent people into a cloud of confusion. When struggling under the weight of snowballing interest, missed payments, creditor harassment and insufficient income to meet debt obligations, it is very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel--or to develop a strategy about how to get there. For many people, the focus becomes immediate: how to survive, how to stop repossession, how to stop foreclosure.

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