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September 2014 Archives

New court rules help protect New York debtors

Debt is extremely common, and nearly unavoidable, in many households in Long Island, New York. For decades, debt levels throughout the country continued to rise, which created significant problems for many people and families when the economic recession hit. Since the economy has begun recovering, people have attempted to reduce their debt loads where possible, but many people continue to struggle with debt and seek bankruptcy or some form of debt relief workout.

Don't fail to consider Chapter 7

Nearly every Long Island resident likely knows that bankruptcy exists as a form of debt relief. Many people probably fail to consider Chapter 7, however, because of stories they may have heard or their own fears about what the process will look like for themselves and their families. It is important to remember, though, that when you are struggling with crushing debt and severe financial stress, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be an especially effective way to get a fresh financial start.

What information must be included with a Chapter 13 petition?

When New York residents consider filing for bankruptcy, they often have many questions about the process. It is important to understand that filing a petition for Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires the filer to provide a significant amount of information and evidence to the bankruptcy court in support of the petition.

Rules for consumer debt and debt settlement companies

Persisting financial struggles can be one of the most difficult things an individual experiences. Credit card debt is very common, with many people carrying high average balances on a monthly basis. While some people are able to manage their debts, making minimum payments or more each month, others start to fall behind due to unforeseen circumstances like job loss, serious medical conditions, etc.

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